Monday, August 25, 2014

Corruption in Gaming Journalism = Great Life Lesson

I've been nose-deep in Curse of Naxxramas and haven't had much time to stay on top of gaming news, so the video I'm about to post was my heads up. Supposedly there's a lot of stuff going down over at Kotaku concerning corruption of their journalism.

Not to knock Kotaku, but it should come as no surprise if there's a deep level of corruption in a major gaming journalism site. These websites have pretty much taken over where printed magazines used to be, and as a veteran gamer I can tell you the majority of those were propaganda pieces meant to entice you into buying games that in reality were utter trash.

In any event, I'd like to present Boogie2988's (you may have seen him as 'Francis') video about this - not because it goes into great detail of the story so much as his opinion on the subject. What he has to say about journalism - gaming or otherwise - as well as life in general is great advice worth sharing.

Curse of Naxxramas Ep39 - Heroic Kel'Thuzad

This is it, the final boss of Naxxramas awaits!
Heroic Kel'Thuzad is by far the toughest boss of the adventure (and rightfully so). He packs a ton of removal (both mass and single-target), has 65 health including armor, two ridiculous hero powers... and he cheats! The first hero power does 3 damage and freezes your hero (zero mana), and once you knock off his armor he immediately begins his turn. At that point the hero power changes to stealing a random enemy minion permanently for 8 mana and he summons two 5/5 taunts!

After battling him with numerous deck ideas (and fighting to connect to servers), I finally found what worked for me. It's based around buffing minions to crazy size and pounding the lich's face in with a huge amount of card draw to dig for the combinations... a "Miracle Priest" of sorts. While it was frustrating trying to record an episode of the winning game, I felt the challenge was indeed worthy of a true heroic end boss. In some ways, I almost wish some of the other bosses were a bit tougher to get you ready for heroic Kel'Thuzad... but it's probably for the best that wish goes ungranted.

Saturday, August 23, 2014

Curse of Naxxramas Ep38 - Heroic Sapphiron

Just one slight change can make all the difference between normal and heroic mode.
Heroic Sapphiron gets a small boost to health (as per all heroic bosses), but the real clincher here is that you do not get a Frozen Champion. That means at the start of each of Sapphiron's turns, all your minions will die. How does one combat a foe like this? I went with weapons and charge minions!

Warrior is a great choice due to the sheer number of weapons available and a respectable charge minion, though mage might also be a good class (assuming you have both Pyroblasts). The deck I played really felt reversed as my minions became removal and my weapons were used for face damage, but it worked pretty well.

Friday, August 22, 2014

Curse of Naxxramas Ep37 - Paladin Challenge

Uther vs. Kel'Thuzad!
This paladin deck isn't what I'd call the best ever. It's running Echoing Oozes without Sword of Justice and there's no Consecrations. Your chances at winning depend largely on your draws and if you can make good use of your buffs and Divine Favors.

Old K.T. tends to go through his opening hand fairly quickly, making Divine Favor useless early on. That's fine though because he's also running Acolytes of Pain which will inevitably load his hand back up. If you can hold out until then, you should have enough for a second (or third) push to finish him off.

Thursday, August 21, 2014

Curse of Naxxramas Ep36 - Kel'Thuzad

The final boss of normal mode is one of the most entertaining yet.
I went priest again and had no problems defeating him, though a number of other strategies will work. I wouldn't play a weapon-heavy deck though, he runs Skeletal Smiths and starts off with a hero power that does 2 damage and freezes you (for zero mana).

Things get really interesting when he goes into phase two (yes, this boss has phases), which seems to happen at a certain health. The hero power becomes a no-strings-attached Shadow Madness for 8 mana, meaning you don't want to play a lone, powerful minion. Flooding the board isn't wise either because Kel'Thuzad packs Twisting Nether, so don't overextend.

Make sure to engage Kel'Thuzad in some conversation when you play. He has a response for each emote and seems to have a different match intro for every hero.

Wednesday, August 20, 2014

Curse of Naxxramas Ep35 - Sapphiron

It's time to face the Frostwyrm Lair!
I decided to try higher quality video. It took longer to render and upload, but it seems worth it.

As for Sapphiron, priest does the job again with Lightwell and Deathlord being the workhorses. Slow and steady wins the race against this boss - just keep healing and only play what you really need to... just make sure not to overfill your hand.