Thursday, October 23, 2014

Why Mage Is Good In Arena

Kripparian's latest video demonstrates one reason mage is such a great arena choice.

Yes, that many Flamestrikes are excessive and actually not advised. What this does show though, is that Flamestrike in the basic/common slot for arena means it's fairly likely to appear at least once or twice (zero is rare but can happen) and has the potential to show up quite frequently.
Is this "too good" as a basic in arena?

It would be nice to simply make Flamestrike a rare, but that screws up the mage's basic card set. You'd have to shuffle things around and it would make a mess of players' collections.

Additionally, fixing one card to help balance arena can quickly bring on a number of other problems. You're going to have players crying foul towards other cards that are seemingly too strong when drafted more than twice, and a number of those complaints will be valid. A "slippery slope" scenario (say that five times fast) can arise where even more cards are changed or restrictions are placed on draft choices, which would take a lot of the unpredictability (and fun) out of arena.

As it stands, mage doesn't see all that much constructed play (though paladin is probably the least popular) so it's not the worst thing ever if they get to shine somewhere else. Just keep in mind that when you enter the arena against a mage and you're wondering how many Flamestrikes they have, it's probably correct to assume the answer is "Enough".

Tuesday, October 14, 2014

Duplicate: Better Than "The Pros" Expected

When Curse of Naxxramas cards were being announced, there was some discussion over the mage secret Duplicate. A number of well-known players talked it down, saying it was ultimately "a bad card that seems good".

I've held the opposite opinion of Duplicate since I first saw it, and even hearing "the pros" bad mouth it never discouraged me from upholding that Duplicate was a strong card (particularly in arena). It can be situationally bad, but playing smart can usually net you a huge benefit with it.

The latest video from Kripparian shows his reversal of opinion on Duplicate with an example of a perfect situation for it.

Saturday, October 11, 2014

World Building is Serious Business

I've been spending a fair amount of time nearly each day helping to build the spawn city and other important locations for The Lazy Dog's "Magical Chaos" Minecraft server. It's intended to be a public server with a mix of survival and roleplay/quest/storyline elements based on the popular "Magic World 2" modpack from FTB (with several distinct changes).

While working on builds are fun and rewarding, we make sure to take breaks and just have a bit of fun. During a little downtime, a couple of our builders ended up making some avatars of a number of our teammates.

I thought these were pretty amusing caricatures. They remind me a lot of the 8-bit era, particularly the early Final Fantasy games. All of the team that's seen these little guys so far have gotten a kick out of them, so it's likely they'll be a fixture on the server officially somewhere. For now though, I should get back to work - there's places to build, quests to write and penguins to launch... ;~P

Friday, October 10, 2014

Dragon Age: Origins Currently Free

Be sure to claim your free copy of Dragon Age: Origins! It's available for a limited time simply by logging into EA's Origin and claiming it from the "On The House" section.

Note that you're not required to download it right away - just claiming it allows you to install and play the game later through Origin. Enjoy!

Saturday, October 4, 2014

Doctor Meets Doctor - Hypixel Hyjinks

Last night a few of us Lazy Dogs went on Hypixel to enjoy some minigames. Wellxam was streaming (you can watch the VOD below) and we met up with someone who looked... familiar.