NOTE: I don't really do reviews anymore, though I still give opinions on games (often in video form). The following playlists cover the majority of recent content. Everything below the video playlists is relatively old and can be considered more of an archive.

Archive - Old Content

Here you will find a list of all games reviewed on this site.


4Story/Gates of Andaron: 3/5 stars.
Alganon: 0/5 stars.
Allods Online: 2/5 stars.
Cabal Online: 3/5 stars.
Dungeons & Dragons Online: 4/5 stars.
Eternal Lands: 3/5 stars.
Fantasy Earth Zero: 1/5 stars.
Fiesta Online: 4/5 stars.
Heroes of Three Kingdoms: 3/5 stars.

Online CCGs

Might & Magic: Duel of Champions