Sunday, December 5, 2010

Alganon Review

I found out a while back that Alganon went free to play and decided to give it a shot. Many have criticized Alganon for being a blatant ripoff of World of Warcraft, but I was willing to at least try the game out.

I wasn't able to really find out much about the game by playing (I use that term loosely). My experience in-game was downright horrible. Lag was such a factor that it took several minutes for the background and props to appear. The NPCs were entirely absent for at least five minutes longer, so I went roaming around the starter area totally alone.

After a time, one NPC appeared, and it had a quest! I ran up to the character and clicked on it. Nothing happened. I right-clicked on it to no avail. After attemping this procedure several times, I was worried. Finally, after waiting for what was at least several more minutes, a dialogue box opened with the details of the quest.

I clicked to accept the quest... no response. I clicked several more times, and again after a long wait the quest was accepted. I was to visit some other NPCs in the area... only there were no other NPCs. I waited some more, hoping to see these characters at some point, but to no avail.

Worse yet, the quest-giver disappeared and reappeared several times over the course of about 15 minutes!

I figured something was badly glitched, so I uninstalled the game and redownloaded and reinstalled. Afterwards, I was treated to the exact same experience. Figuring that maybe there was a problem on their end, I waited several days and gave the game another try. Still, I came up with the same sad situation.

In summary, I had a very disappointing experience with the game. Just getting the thing to run was a process in and of itself. It was bar-none the worst game I have ever tried to play, ever.

Final Rating: 0/5 stars

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