Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Fantasy Earth Zero Review

Originally published by the iconic Square Enix, Fantasy Earth Zero touts 50 vs 50 player battles and the ability to turn into other creatures such as dragons. So what do I think of the game?

Hearing that SE was doing this game, I had high hopes. An online friend told me about this game, and I checked out some of its features. It sounded pretty interesting, and we waited for the beta to launch to get into the game.

Character creation was pretty dull - there were a handful of classes to choose from and little if any customization options. Entering the game, you are immediately thrust into the tutorial starting area which surprsingly enough is NOT instanced. Many games are going the instanced tutorial route now, so this was somewhat a surprise.

The tutorial had all the basic things you're used to - the same type of "kill X creatures" quests that virtually every game has. Being that the tutorial was non-instanced, it was tough getting any kills without a ranged attack, but I managed to finally finish it and move to the city.

Here's where things quickly went downhill. There were no directions on where to go or what to do next, and none of the NPCs had any identifiable "quest markers" over their heads. OK, so you have to visit each NPC and go looking for quests... kind of oldschool, but whatever. I eventually had gotten a quest and made haste to the next "zone" to defeat some mobs.

This zone was one of the tiniest areas I've ever seen in an MMO. It was basically a simpl path in the woods with creatures on it. Going off the path was pretty much impossible, as there were invisible walls blocking your way anytime you made it more than a few steps away from the path. People complain that Vindictus lacks open-world experience, but I think this game is even worse.

In addition, the game was horribly laggy and I was disconnected at least once duting my first session. I logged back in easily enough, but as you all know it gets annoying having to deal with connection issues when trying out an online game.

After seeing how little there was to the PvE content of the game, I really had no desire to check out the rest. It's not that I don't like PvP, but if you can't get PvE right in the initial levels of the game it doesn't look too promising for anything else that might be in-store.

Fantasy Earth Zero is now in its second season and from what I understand has added some new skills to the game. Anyone interested in what is supposed to be a decent PvP experience might want to give it a try - but if you're looking for PvE content, skip this title entirely.

I'd like to give this game a higher rating, but I can only rate what I experienced. Unfortunately, the game was so confusing and downright boring for me that I simply couldn't get into it.

Final Rating: 1/5 stars.

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