Saturday, December 18, 2010

Heroes of Three Kingdoms Review

Published by Perfect World Entertainment, Heroes of Three Kingdoms features numerous weapon styles and auto quest navigation. So how is the game?

Starting out with character creation, you have a number of weapon styles to choose from which is similar to choosing a class. Each style has its own specific abilites and things it excels in. Character customization is sort of lacking, and you'll easily find your clone amongst the other players.

Once you choose your weapon style and create your character, you begin your journey. As with many MMOs, the game offers the same tired old type of quests you've seen a hundred times before - kill X of these, go visit this NPC, and so on.

The graphics of the game are adequate and for the most part pretty. The combat animations are similarly decent, and overall HoTK looks very nice. Gameplay is just about what you would expect from any decent title, but that's really about it. The auto-quest navigation was a nice feature, but it doesn't always work for every quest.

This brings me to my main point about the game - there's nothing really new going on here. HoTK utilizes nothing new in terms of gameplay. While this at least helps with the learning curve, it makes for some boring gameplay at times. Everything in the game feels like its been done before somewhere else.

I know I haven't touched on a lot of the other aspects of the game, but that's because it's pretty much like many other games already out there. Innovation isn't necessary to make a good game though, and for what it does, Heroes of Three Kingdoms is okay.

If you're looking for a solid title in the Chinese Three Kingdoms time period, this is probably one of the best you can find. If you're not interested in the setting or are looking for something new in terms of game mechanics, I would skip this title.

Final Rating: 3/5 stars

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