Thursday, December 16, 2010

Fiesta Online Review

Outspark is known for a number of games, especially the popular Fiesta Online. How does this favorite fare against other titles?

Let's get down to it, Fiesta is a pretty good game. I was initially put off by the ultra-cartoony graphics, but in all they are kind of charming. Character creation was pretty limited, but that's nothing new in the free-to-play realm of games.

The game starts you off simply enough with some starter NPCs and quests to get you going. Nothing grand or exciting really here, but it worked sufficiently well. You'll notice from the get-go that the game is always full of players, sometimes to the point that its hard to find a place to battle monsters in peace. This is a good thing really, as it shows that the community is active.

Things do tend to get a little laggy in town, and that's primarily due to all the AFK players selling goods. Games with the "player storefront" feature really annoy me, as it simply promotes AFK players hogging up connections to the server. That's not to mention the hordes of characters physically grouped up around popular NPCs making it difficult to interact with them. This is however the only real complaint I have with the game, so I guess things could be worse.

One of the best things about Fiesta is its instances. For a cartoony kind of game, I was really taken by surprise by their dungeons. I should actually say raids because their dungeons are something like 20-player affairs with tons of monsters to defeat. I was never afraid of a simple-looking blob before running an instance in Fiesta!

What's really great is that there seems to be no "useless" classes in the game, particularly during their instances. The ranged attackers (archers and wizards) are in the back throwing damage, while the tanks are grabbing the mob aggro, and the healers are trying to keep it all together. It's really a blast to be part of one of these fast and furious instances!

So there we have it - Fiesta Online is a game that really can surprise you. If you enjoy (or can look past) the cutesy anime-inspired graphics, you'll find an exciting adventure.

Final Rating: 4 stars

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