This page is dedicated to the sandbox (not necessarily massive) multiplayer online game, Minecraft.

NEW - 42Craft!

I join some friends for SMP in modded Minecraft 1.7.10 on a small private server with some big goals! Here's the playlist:

Unfortunately, this page is a little out-of-date. I'll be working on this shortly, but for now I'll make some suggestions.
I've been fiddling around with both Tekkit and Agrarian Skies lately, and I recommend either of them for 1.6.4 modded survival variants. Agrarian Skies is particularly interesting due to the quest system it provides.

My Favorite Mods

Links are to the current versions (now 1.5.2) unless otherwise noted. Mods are currently NOT backwards-compatible, meaning if you really want to play a mod that is not updated, ALL mods you use have to be made for that version of Minecraft!

The Essentials

If you're gonna play, you might as well be using these all the time.
  • FORGE - It's often required by the other mods, and helps with compatibility. If you're unsure what you need, try the "universal" link in the Recommended section at the top.
  • Optifine - Gives you far greater control over visual settings, increasing speed and performance.
  • MultiMC - Not technically a mod, as it's actually a special launcher. Lets you create separate instances of your Minecraft setup, allowing for different mods, versions, and settings. I've tried the other launchers and enjoyed them for a long time until I tried MultiMC.

The Almost-Essentials

Depending on your circumstances, you'll typically want these. Sometimes a particular server may not allow them, which keeps them from being in the above list.
  • CraftGuide - Allows you to see all available crafting recipes in the game (mods included)! Others swear by NotEnoughItems, but if you just want the recipes, CraftGuide does the job!
  • Inventory Tweaks - Great little mod to give you sorting and auto-equipping features for inventory spaces (including chests and other storage GUIs).
  • Macro/Keybind - Gives you macro functionality for keybinds, scripts, and more. Good stuff!
  • Rei's Minimap - Gives you a minimap with a number of options, including waypoint markers, mob radar and more. There are other mapping mods out there, but I recommend this for minimaps.

Terrain and Block Variety

More biomes, ores, blocks, and structures.
  • DungeonPack - Adds 24+ dungeons, 3 bosses, 2 NPC villages and more!
  • ExtrabiomesXL - Adds dozens of new biomes to your game. I recommend this one over some others because of its compatibility with mods that add structures.
  • Formivore's Generators - 3-in-1 mod collection for ruins, walled cities, and great walls. Tons of configuration options for custom structures and more!
  • Gems+ - 17 new gems (and added emerald crafting recipes).
  • Netherrocks - 6 new ores found exclusively in the Nether and a Nether furnace.
  • SimpleOres - 4 new Overworld ores, 1 new Nether ore, and a Mythril furnace.
  • Vanity Blocks - about 24 new block types (mostly storage blocks for various items and mod-added ores), including lava lamps and black and white marble.

Aestetics and Storage

Give your living quarters some decoration and furniture!
  • Bibliocraft - Shelves, stands, display cases, desks, and more. Storage like you've never seen before!
  • Chisel - One simple tool, tons of block variety! This is a must-have for people creating grandiose structures.
  • Extra Doors - 16 new doors from a variety of in-game materials, including wooden door variants.
  • Jammy Furniture - Sofas, appliances, window blinds... and the list goes on!
  • Particle Decoration - Little boxes that emit different particle effects with options, redstone capability and more. Use it to make fountains, flame traps or other cool designs!
  • Slabcraft - Adds 56 new slabs using in-game materials.
  • Staircraft - Adds 55 new types of stairs using in-game materials.

In-Game Utilities

Things to make your adventures easier or more fun.
  • Ancient Warfare - Adds siege engines, guarded structures, vertical doors/gates, soldiers (friend and foe) and more. Coming soon: support for specialized NPCs that perform tasks!
  • Backpacks - Portable item storage, including a portable Ender Chest backpack!
  • Balkon's WeaponMod - a variety of new melee and ranged weapons, from a knife to a cannon!
  • Craft and Enchant - Tired of getting random enchantments, but still want a challenge? This changes the system by using scrolls to enchant items. Also adds the ability to break down enchanted items into magical dust you can use to repair magic items made of the same material.
  • Enhanced Books - Store your XP and keep it safe in a special book.
  • Familiars - Make a book that stores companions with a variety of special abilities.
  • Parachute - Allows for base jumping in Minecraft!
  • Ropes+ - Grappling hooks, hookshots, zip lines, and trick arrows. Freakin' sweet!
  • RPG Inventory - Adds new item slots (rings, necklace, shield, gloves and cape) and equipment that enables class-like abilities in the vein of popular RPGs.
  • The Wars Mod - Adds structures, PVP arenas, specialized blocks (I think all craftable), a couple of dangerous biomes, NPC soldiers, classes with special abilities (via outfits), and more.

Monsters, Animals, Creatures... and Dimensions

Beasties of all kinds to add variety, pets, mounts, and more.

A Word on Adding Mobs

Once you start adding mods that introduce new monsters, animals, etc. (collectively called 'mobs'), you'll often run into problems where some mobs will appear in vast numbers while others are never seen. To take care of that, you'll want to control the spawn rates of mobs. There is a dedicated thread to the topic on the Minecraft forums (started by yours truly) that goes into details and provides a number of solutions. I highly suggest you go there to figure out which control mod and settings will work best for you!

Just Another Spawner - A humble name for a mighty mod that's loaded with options on when and where mobs spawn. My personal favorite, but it's not for the novice or faint of heart, as it has no GUI (yet).

  • AtmosMobs (1.4.7) - Dozens of insects, animals, fish... and even a visit from Santa Claus!
  • Grimoire of Gaia 2 - Over 50 new mobs, most of which are very difficult and highly aggressive. The mod has a Japanese theme to it, giving it a unique feel.
  • Mo' Creatures - Possibly the most popular mod in Minecraft, it adds a plethora of new animals, monsters, and items to the game and has recently introduced a wyvern dimension.
  • Primitive Mobs (1.5.1) - 15 new mobs that all fit in really well with vanilla Minecraft. Quite possibly the best mob mod for players new to modding and looking for some variety. There's even a pack for having your own Primitive Mobs familiars (using the Familiars mod).
  • Project Zulu - Building a better Overworld by adding new blocks, structures, a hidden boss, a vast list of mobs and much, much more. Really one of the best mods in Minecraft.
  • The Twilight Forest - Adds a new dimension with an impressive variety of new mobs, incredible bosses, sprawling structures, and tons of items!

My Creations

Zombie Rehabilitation Center - Turn a zombie dungeon into a villager generator and xp farm!

Coming Soon - a fully functional race track map with all the bells and whistles! Works for both horse and pig racing.

    Other Goodies

    Crafting Azeroth - A full map of WoW's Kalimdor and Eastern Kingdoms, post-Cataclysm... and yes, I am thinking of cobbling together a workable version of WoW inside Minecraft now!

    Railbusters - A Ghostbusters-themed coaster in Minecraft. Link is to the video, they will have the map for download soon!

    MOB BATTLES! Here's the playlist of all the episodes from PopularMMOs on YouTube, where various mobs are pit against each other in arena-style combat!

    Minecraft Mob Rap I and II - Here's both videos done by JT Machinima, and they are still some of the best out there!


    Somewhat rare natural water/lava stream
    Zombie villagers ready for rehabilitation.

    Mountain sunrise through an ice window.
    Lava spilling into a river.
    Pigs turned to zombie pigmen after a lightning strike!
    Minecraft zombies slap you with
    a trout before eating your brains.


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