Wednesday, November 27, 2013

Hearthstone LOLs and Mickin on Twitch

I've been playing Hearthstone a while, and in short I think it's off to a solid start. The game is a little thin on features at the moment, but it is still in beta (and will be for a while as open beta doesn't begin until at least next month).

My personal strategy has been to improve at arena to where I can end up profiting with a decent win/loss ratio. Watching good players that explain their thought processes behind draft choices and plays goes a long way to improving your own skill.

Twitch is probably the best place to do that, and my favorite Hearthstone streamer by far is Mickin. He's a strong player that knows arena and provides an informative stream without a bunch of flash and clutter. Mickin streams begin roughly 6-7pm EST and run about 6 hours, so there's ample time to tune in and watch.

While not a typical Mickin game, I had to share this particular highlight where the opponent pretty much hands him the match and leaves him speechless.

Watch live video from MickinX on TwitchTV

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