Sunday, June 8, 2014

Hearthstone "Elite Skills" Update Part 4 - Priest

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Hearthstone patch, known as the "Elite Skills" Update, will be coming soon™*, and here's the MMOaholic's exclusive previews for the priest!

New Emote

As with all classes, Anduin gets his own "Leet" emote, ready to spam opponents with (for an additional fee, of course).

Remember to regularly purchase "Commanding Presence" buffs to make sure your enemies can't squelch your shiny new emote!

Holy (Face)Rolling

Players criticize the priest class, claiming it's "too gimmicky" because it often relies on very specific card combinations to be effective. To help smooth things out, Blizzard has given the some of the key priest cards a skillful overhaul.

As the Prophecy Foretells...

Priests are vital to Azeroth's future, so it just wouldn't do to leave them with a minor but fatal flaw that could spell disaster for everyone. That would be like creating some giant planet-destroying space station that could be taken out by a single shot due to a misplaced exhaust vent - nobody would do that, right? (Editor: Wrong!)

To fix the main weakness of priests, we proudly present you with this:

We know that this could potentially kill a number of 6+ mana legendaries, but the priests all promised to only use it on yetis, drakes, and the occasional auctioneer.

Thanks for reading part 4 of our "Elite Skills" Update, coming soon™* to Hearthstone! "Professor" Gul'dan has scheduled a field trip, I wonder where we're going? Hint: It's not the museum!

*Never. This is a parody meant for fun and is in no way real. Shame on you for even thinking that it was, because it's totally not, I swear. Card art and design courtesy of Blizzard, with special thanks to Tural's Hearthstone Card Generator for making this much easier!

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