Friday, February 20, 2015

The Friday FREE GAME Feature! Ep5: One Night

It's time for backtracking, monster dodging and math problems in the dark!

Overall I enjoyed trying out One Night, but I was unpleasantly surprised by having to work out math problems to advance (or even survive). I expected some puzzle solving, but not like that. When I sat down to record, I turned down the lights and put on the headphones, ready to take in the thrills of adventure horror. Little did I know I should've played with a bit more lighting (and maybe a calculator at the ready). 

While the acid-mixing stage definitely provides tension, it also thrusts the player out of game immersion if they intend on solving it correctly. That aside, my first impression of the game was enjoyable. One Night has all the elements of a good adventure horror title and the story presented is intriguing enough that I want to know what happened and how it all ends.

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