Friday, May 8, 2015

The Friday FREE GAME Feature! Ep16: Zeitgeist

Zeitgeist is a brain-teasing puzzle game about placing gates, teleporters and other tiles so you can get marbles to their proper destinations.

You have to place tiles so that things happen in a specific order, otherwise the marbles will run into an obstacle and be destroyed. It features a tile pool to the right with a "video-playback" menu to solve each puzzle, similar to games like Contraption Maker. I really like the use of tiles here as opposed to more free-form placement, as it ensures the puzzles aren't about pixel-perfect precision. The gameplay is easy to grasp at the start, and there's a definite learning curve as you go through the levels.

Unfortunately, Zeitgeist seems to lack any audio components which is unusual and makes it feel unfinished. It would've been nice to have included a couple of sound effects at least. I haven't toyed with the editor, but it looks like you can load up puzzles. That means the possibility of sharing levels with others exists, which extends the amount of time you could play this game (at least in theory).

Zeigeist is the perfect example of a title that has great mechanics and some nice features, but could use a little more polish. The addition of sounds and a way to access player-created levels in-game would really help make Zeitgeist more than an afternoon of brain-teasers.

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