Friday, June 5, 2015

The Friday FREE GAME Feature! Ep20: 48 Chambers & GLOB

It's a Desura arcade double feature this week!

First up is GLOB, which has an interesting mechanic - to progress through levels, you need to activate/deactivate platforms and walls using various button presses. Unfortunately, the game suffers from terrible controls and collision detection to the point of unplayability. It's a shame because the core mechanic looks quite fun.

The second title is 48 Chambers - a game that tests your speed, timing and finesse as you move a ball through various obstacles. There's three different game modes to choose from, including a casual mode that offers infinite lives (which is a blessing for new players). The controls for this game are pretty responsive, though it seems the ball takes a little time both to speed up and stop which will inevitably get you killed quite often until you get the feel of it. I would normally oppose a design choice like this, but in this case it makes the ball feel more natural. If you like a challenge, 48 Chambers has you covered!

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