Friday, July 24, 2015

The Friday FREE Game Feature! Ep27: God of Thunder

This week is a classic Zelda-inspired adventure game from 1993, God of Thunder!

I'll get my gripe out of the way now - I'm not a huge fan of the hammer. It feels so slow waiting for it to return. While that's similar to Link's boomerang in Legend of Zelda, you don't play the entire game using it and it can pick up items on the ground (which the hammer cannot). I also didn't understand how to switch between magic items, but that's pretty much my fault for not looking at the manual first (yes, old games had their own manuals you actually had to read once in a while).

I'm pretty pleased with the rest of the game, though. There's puzzles scattered throughout the levels, some of the enemies are pretty interesting and the dialogue is jam-packed with humor (even breaking the fourth wall at times). Fans of the original Zelda should give God of Thunder a try!

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