Friday, October 30, 2015

The Friday FREE GAME Feature! Ep40: The Scarecrow Man & Space Blaster (Lines)

It's time for a creepy double feature! First off, an encounter with The Scarecrow Man followed by a possessed video game called Space Blaster (Lines)!

The Scarecrow Man is one of the saddest attempts at a Slenderman style game I've ever seen. You move at a snail's pace with no option to sprint - my guess being this was a deliberate attempt at making the game feel longer than it actually is. You're usually given no warning as to the monster's whereabouts, so games mostly end with a scream followed by a 'game over' screen before you even see what happened. 

Admittedly, I'm not much of a fan of the Slenderman approach to horror, but at least most of those titles build up the terror by having the monster get ever closer as it stalks you, giving audio/video cues that your end draws near. In this game, the monster just jumps out boogeyman-style and you're dead, often before you even see it. Not that there's much to see anyway - the monster is a brownish figure with no animation and moves like it's on a string.

I was able to beat the game, which involved getting into the house (which had an invisible wall near it), going up the "stairs" (actually ramps) and finding a chest. All told, The Scarecrow Man is a fairly short and disappointing experience.

Space Blaster (Lines) on the other hand was much more interesting. It begins with what appears to be a mediocre sidescrolling space shooter, but quickly descends into madness as you realize the game holds a sinister entity that's looking to get out. 

The game itself changes between variations of the 2D shooter with 3D pixel horror as you become trapped in Lines' nightmare world. The story unfolds with additional clues as to Lines' past in the form of extra files that appear once you've played the earlier parts of the game. This helps to sell the idea of a haunted/possessed game rooting around in your computer, and I really liked the way it was delivered.

I'm certain there were portions of Space Blaster (Lines) that I missed - perhaps you might want to explore this title for yourself. Don't say I didn't warn you though... muahahahahaha!!!

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