Friday, March 11, 2016

The Friday FREE GAME Feature! Ep57: Adventures of FrikiBoy

Classic 2D action adventure with a comedic twist!

Adventures of FrikiBoy is a modern take on the classic adventure game ala Legend of Zelda. You're tasked with a mission of utmost importance - to reclaim stolen baked goods, including the Coconut Delight, from the clutches of a villain named Guitar Shark. As you might've guessed, this game comes with a heavy dose of comedy. The villain tends to leave behind notes that point out his own lair's mistakes and comes pretty close to breaking the fourth wall.

Sometimes humor is used to mask what is otherwise uninteresting or just bad gameplay, but this is certainly not the case here. In fact, FrikiBoy is one of the more solid indie games I've played for this series recently. The controls are intuitive and responsive, it's well paced in terms of exposing new features/elements, and it even comes with an in-game manual! There's some great design choices going on here too - having a circle to show the reach of your melee attacks is very helpful for kiting enemies, and the flashlight feature really plays up the "adventuring in a dark dungeon" feeling that many games miss (or overdo) completely.

The standard adventure features multiple difficulty settings, and logging in via GameJolt gives you access to additional content and game modes.

For fans of classic adventure games, I highly recommend giving Adventures of FrikiBoy a try!

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