Monday, December 12, 2016

The Expendabros - The Friday FREE GAME Feature!

Over the top action, extreme explosions and uber manliness!

The Expendabros is a run-n-gun action shooter similar to Metal Slug or Contra. You're part of an elite combat team that's been captured, so you need to rescue your bros as well as take out enemy installations. 

Liberating your bros unlocks them as playable characters, each with unique fighting styles - from throwing knives to flamethrowers. Part of the game's difficulty is learning to play the bros effectively, as you get a random bro from those you've unlocked each time you respawn (and from what I could tell, no way to swap). You'll undoubtedly have your favorites - mine is the sticky bomb - but you'll end up playing each of them a number of times.

As you might expect with a game of this type, there's projectiles everywhere, tons of enemies to kill and an evil mastermind to chase down. In addition, the bosses are hulking war machines with a variety of attacks and multiple hit locations. Oh, the nostalgia!

Unlike most of the classic action shmups though, this title features destructible terrain. Everything but the flagged checkpoints can be destroyed and there's tons of exploding barrels, runaway saws, and fuel tanks-turned-rockets. It's a welcome addition as massive explosions make the game feel more like a blockbuster action movie (which is appropriate as this was a tie-in for the Expendables franchise). Also, it's nice to see the terrain in these games are no longer immune to super-weapons!

 If you're looking for action, explosions and boss fights, The Expendabros won't disappoint!

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