Saturday, January 21, 2017

Small Change to Stream Schedule

Just a quick announcement to let everyone know I've decided to take Saturdays off my listed stream schedule.

I occasionally find myself pressed for time to edit and post videos to YouTube throughout the week and still keep up with my stream schedule. Additionally, having a stream-free day allows me to create other content... or just have a day off if I need it!

I expect this change might affect MMOMG episodes somewhat, as it will reduce the total time in-game each week. If that ends up being an issue, I can make it up by streaming a bit longer the remaining nights.

That said, there will be Saturday streams once in a while, just not part of anything "official" or at a scheduled time. Part of "creating other content" will be streaming entirely different games (such as WazHack, which I'm a tad fond of at the moment). Think of Saturday streams as a little surprise bonus!

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