Thursday, April 27, 2017

Iron Snout | You Have 10 Seconds 2 - The Friday FREE GAME Feature! #100

So here it is, the big 100th episode! This time, I chose games playable using mainly the arrow keys!

First up is Iron Snout, a 2D fighting game. Instead of moving through levels, your character (a pig that apparently knows martial arts) takes on waves of wolves armed with an assortment of weapons. It's an endurance test of sorts, as more wolves seem to attack at once the longer you survive. You are resourceful though, and are able to use the wolves' items against them!

It's one of those games that's fairly simple in concept and just plain fun to play! The art style is cartoony, and you can even turn off blood if you'd prefer a less gory wolf slaughter. Controls work great whether using a controller or just the arrow keys. The only thing off the top of my head that I'd like to see in this game is a boss fight once in a while (and who doesn't want to see a big bad wolf?).

There's a couple of game options as well as leaderboards to keep you interested in trying for a better score. In all, Iron Snout is quite good!

You Have 10 Seconds 2 is a minimalist/pixel platformer with a simple premise - avoid the dangers and escape the room in 10 seconds. The game is divided into areas that each contain 10 rooms that feature a certain theme or mechanic. Completing an area unlocks the next, all the way to area 10.

I really like how the areas add new concepts/elements, like portals, switches, ice or glue surfaces and more. For the most part, the difficulty curve is spot on... though area 6 has a couple of really tough rooms! Controls seem well done, though I had a difficult time with water/swimming.

I finally gave up on the very last room (10-10) after trying and realizing you need to maneuver perfectly to really finish it. Unlike the above title, You Have 10 Seconds 2 doesn't have a lot of incentive to replay it. That said, the first time through is fun enough to check it out if you like challenging/fast platformers.

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