Tuesday, May 30, 2017

ASTA Online - Week 3 - MMOMG

The Fame vs. Level gain mismatch is fairly annoying. A few guild members have essentially parked their characters at or near level 39 and are exclusively farming fame. This changes your play sessions considerably, as you're often just logging in to do events (which are scattered throughout the day).

If I wanted to login and play for a just few minutes at precisely every few hours, I'd play Farmville. If this title was also available as a mobile game, perhaps I'd at least understand the reasoning behind this a little... but it's not.

Of course, you can ignore Fame entirely and just rush to level cap. In the interest of seeing more content and possibly the consequences of my actions, I'm going to do just that this last week. Let's be honest, the majority of MMO players assume that rushing to level cap is the goal anyway. At least I might be able to see what kind of mess you really end up in here by doing so.

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