Thursday, December 18, 2014

T'was A Twelve Win Arena!

I sat down to what I thought was going to be a quiet, boring and early night to play a little Hearthstone arena. I was only 33.3% (repeating of course) correct. With the holidays in full swing, I think I'll tell you what happened in poem form.

T'was a week before Christmas
When I drafted a deck
Of epic proportions,
I could tell it would wreck.
The options were top-tier,
The best for a mage.
I knew when I played it
That people would rage.

I crept through the house
To find someone to tell,
But they were asleep
And my friends were as well.
So I sat at my PC
And began to play.
Blew through two opponents,
This deck was OK!

I battled a priest that
Thoughtstole like a boss.
He had me out-valued,
The game was a loss.
I tried to keep calm
As I gained some more wins,
But this deck was so brutal
I started to grin.

On Argent Commander!
On MAX and Sunwalker!
On Yeti and Kodo,
And a lone Gilblin Stalker!
It wasn't just minions,
I had lots of spells.
Two Frostbolts, two Polys
And a Fireball as well!

Three pretty secrets
And a Mad Scientist.
I can tell you for certain
This deck will be missed!
So I relished the games
As I trampled each foe,
Playing calm and collected, 
Wins started to grow.

I took on a pally.
The game was big-league,
But when push came to shove,
Jaina died to fatigue.
Twice I saw Deathwing,
but I had a surprise.
Mad Scientist's deathrattle
pulled out Vaporize!

My final two matches
Were against old Garrosh.
One was so close
It was almost a loss.
I won the twelfth game
And I stared at the key.
So glowy, so showy,
And waiting for me!

I reached for the mouse
When I stopped with a thought.
The voice in my head said,
"Better take a screenshot!"
Then I opened my winnings
And shouted with glee,
"May you all draft a mage
And have great RNG!"

[UPDATE] I turned the poem into a video which you can see here.

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