Wednesday, December 17, 2014

Hearthstone: Trump Teachings

Hearthstone became an instant hit for Blizzard when it debuted, but it seems like even more people are flocking to the game with the release of Goblins vs Gnomes. Over the last few weeks I've had a number of friends finally jump into it for the first time that normally wouldn't even look at a card game otherwise.

While it's great to strategize and play alongside (or against) friends, there's a definite learning curve involved that new players need to pick up early before they get frustrated and give up. Thankfully, there are resources for fledgling Hearthstoners freely available online (and I've listed some of them on the Hearthstone page of this very blog).

One of these resources include a tutorial series of sorts by none other than Trump, where he explains different aspects of the game to improve your play. I feel that players new to card games should really watch these videos so they can get a grasp of the more important concepts - it's worth the time. What's more is that Trump even uses basic cards that anyone has access to, so players won't feel pressured or intimidated to "need" a bunch of rares, epics or legendaries to be successful.

New players, this one's for you.

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