Articles, videos and decklists for Hearthstone: Heroes of Warcraft.

Hearthstone Primer
Our guide on getting started in the game, covering your first day of play and discussing your future options. This primer is 3 years old, but the information for new players is still valid. The latter half of the article (discussing future options) is outdated.

Hearth Arena
Top arena players help you pick the best cards for your arena run! It's a great site that anyone remotely interested in arena should check out.

A selection of the crazier moments from my Arenas and Tavern Brawls from Twitch.

Hearthstone Videos
This playlist features reynad27's "Getting Legendary Without Spending a Penny",  the "Trump Teachings" series, the more informative Kripparian videos, my own Top 10s and some other clips of interest...

Note: Everything past this point is fairly outdated!

Arena Shenanigans!
 I've started a series based on Hearthstone Arena Mode where I explain my card choices and in-game plays. Here's the playlist for your viewing pleasure!

Curse of Naxxramas
My newest series as I explore the first Hearthstone Adventure.


Well Mekt! - (Paladin) Insanely inexpensive mech-zoo rush with efficient bomb removal and decent card draw, aka the new cancer. (GvG)
K.T. Best Buds - (Shaman) Eschew some of the "shaman staples" for deathrattle shenanigans with Reincarnate, Baron Rivendare and Kel'Thuzad. (Naxx)
 Deathrattle & Faceroll - (Warlock) Maximize the Undertaker and make your opponent think twice about using AoE removal! (Naxx)
Aggrologist - (Warrior) Designed to look like a Contrologist variant, this deck packs surprise aggro/burst instead while still matching well against zoo/hunter. Not inexpensive, but still cheaper than Contrologist to build. (Classic)
 Meta Shammy - (Shaman) Focuses on anti-weapon/aggro strategies, but can also handle huge taunt control decks. (Classic)
 Huntard Budget Burst - (Hunter) Beast synergy abounds with card draw and burst damage. No epic/legendary cards needed! (Classic)
 Tradewell - (Hunter) Board control using value cards for the early game, dropping heavies in the late game. (Classic)
 Full Huntard - (Hunter) Super-efficient low mana curve, one legend, mostly aggressive but sometimes control. (Classic)

The "Elite Skills" Update Series
Part 1 - Introducing exclusive previews and features for the (totally not) upcoming patch!
Part 2 - New emotes and Mage preview.
Part 3 - Emotes, updates, and a preview Hunter card.
Part 4 - New emote, card, and updates for the Priest.

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