Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Tradewell - Hunter Control Deck

I've had recent success with this hunter deck I built. It focuses on board control and using minions that normally trade favorably or provide buffs (thus the deck name).

It's by no means a dream deck - I'd probably remove the Loot Hoarders for Thalnos and Pagle if I had them, and Ragnaros would be a nice addition as well. Still, it handles nicely against most decks. Swap cards as you have/desire of course.

Warrior and rogue rushdown decks can sometimes outpace it, but often that's a case of opening hand RNG. This deck does quite well against the druid-heavy meta, being able to thwart the token deck pretty handily as well as the big taunts. Explosive Trap can single-handedly stop Force of Nature + Savage Roar as a finisher, assuming you're keeping their board mostly clear otherwise.

Against weenie aggro (which is currently also popular), Explosive Trap, Sen'jin Shieldmasta or Unleash The Hounds usually allow you to maintain early and midgame, where you'll start dropping larger threats like Venture Co. Mercenary. Deadly Shot is to be used against the late-game threats like giants and ironbarks, so use them sparingly!

I am purposely running the single Starving Buzzard, as it's really only phenomenal with Unleash The Hounds and the occasional Highmane deathrattle. That said, it might just be better running two instead of a Dire Wolf Alpha. I guess I just don't rate the Buzzard very highly. If you're in need of silence, owls probably fit somewhat better (buzzard synergy) unless it's so late in the game you can afford Spellbreaker.

[EDIT] Last night I crafted Ragnaros and added it to this deck, swapping out the single Argent Squire. She was really just filler anyway that fit the concept of 2-for-1 minions.

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