Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Huntard Budget Burst Deck

I decided to test the effectiveness of Starving Buzzard by building what at first looks like a really dumb deck.

As you can tell, it relies on the Starving Buzzard + Unleash the Hounds combo, which at first sounds like a horrible idea. The fact of the matter is that many decks rely on some kind of silly combo to be efficient, so why not give this a spin? Turns out it fairs pretty well.

The trick here is to hold back the big play until about turn 6 or so, allowing you to cast Buzzard + Hounds + a wolf and/or boar as needed. By this point you should be able to draw at least 3 cards from the combo and start cleaning the opponent's board with some beasts left over.

There will be times where you already have a decent hand and do not want to draw, in which case the Scavenging Hyena can be made instantly huge from the hounds instead. You do have to be careful sometimes with buzzard in play - I've decked myself once already (though was able to win that turn).

Freezing Trap, Animal Companion, Emperor Cobra and Kill Command can be used for early removal or tempo if necessary, though it's often better to hold back the last two for bigger removal or burst damage.

I've been beating Paladin Giant Control and both Murloc and Giant Warlocks without issue, which is great considering the control decks are typically chock full of epics and legendaries (which this deck has none of).

Warrior rushdown tends to be a difficult matchup, due to most of their minions having 3+ health and battlecries that you don't want them to replay due to Freezing Trap.

Because of Buzzard and Hyena, Snake Trap is an obvious addition if you have it/can craft it. Savannah Highmane and Stampeding Kodo aren't necessities, and may actually be slowing the deck down when you could just run more cheap beasts. I may test that at some point...

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