Saturday, February 8, 2014

Congrats and Thanks for The Great Cheese

Verques, creator of "The Great Cheese" map, recently replied to Episode 1 of our Let's Play series and had some exciting things to say.
Thank you for taking the time to play through my little map. The three of you have an obvious talent for the craft of banter, unity and presentation. I have enjoyed watching your play through up to episode 17 and am looking forward to seeing more of your work. With your permission, I would like to feature your series of this map on the main download page at PMC, to show my appreciation and support of your channel. Although I do not make custom maps any longer, I would still wish to update my page there with a quality LP such as yours. Thank you for providing a download link to the map and for presenting my map in such an entertaining way. You have my sub and my gratitude.  Verques

 I've replied to the comment already, but would like to again say thank you, Verques, for a unique, exciting map and for your kind words. I really appreciate that you've featured the series on your map page and thank you so much for your support.

Also, I'd like to thank James "AngerPuppet" Boley for introducing me to the map and inviting me to play in his series. It was great fun and James is an amazing player. In addition I'd like to congratulate you, James, for producing a series deemed worthy by the creator of such a fine map!

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