Thursday, April 24, 2014

Hearthstone "Elite Skills" Update Part 3 - Hunter

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 Hearthstone patch, known as the "Elite Skills" Update, will be coming soon™*, and here's the MMOaholic's exclusive previews for the hunter!

Welcome to the Elite

As you can see, the test images are getting better!
 As previously mentioned in the mage preview, players will now be able to purchase a new "Leet" emote for each class. The hunter is no exception, and has been given an instantly recognizable ascii-art image!

Remember to purchase your "Commanding Presence" buffs periodically to keep your opponent from squelching your shiny new emote!

The Skill of the Hunt

In accordance with adding more skill and reliability to Hearthstone, a number of the hunter's class cards have been slightly altered. Here's a look at some of the more popular ones.

Blizzard has realized that a hunter's success is directly proportional to its ability to draw Unleash the Hounds, which can obviously be a problem. To rectify this, they made the only logical decision - improve the chances of drawing said card!

Preview Card

And now for the real reason you're here - to see a hot new card! While this is certainly something to see, just wait until you get to play it in game. There's a full animation where the opponent thinks they've won, only to find out you've played this:
Amazing card for a low cost? Check.
Secret troll factor? Check.
Obviously better than other class' cards with similar effects? Check.
All requirements met to be a "legitimate" hunter card!

Thanks for reading part 3 of our "Elite Skills" Update, coming soon™* to Hearthstone! Check back for our next installment when we'll get the Priest to confess to his latest scandals!

*Never. This is a parody meant for fun and is in no way real. Shame on you for even thinking that it was, because it's totally not, I swear. Card art and design courtesy of Blizzard, with special thanks to Tural's Hearthstone Card Generator for making this much easier!

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