Thursday, April 3, 2014

A "WTF, Hearthstone?!" Moment

So, my friend Mandelsage just sent me a Hearthstone screenshot. How many weird things do you see?

He was playing ladder and started a new game. After choosing his opening hand, the game had him at six empty mana crystals. A wild Healing Totem appears, and he is given a face down card. Mind you he was playing mage and his opponent was a rogue... so where did the totem even come from???

After attempting to use the hero power, the animation stuck at this point. The "End Turn" button was inaccessible, and the game ended in a loss for him.

What the heck happened here? Some kind of weird connection mix-up or something? It looks like he was part of someone else's game. Maybe this is the early implementation of spectator mode or something. ;-)

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  1. Dear Blizzard,

    Kindly return my star to me.

    Your sincerely,