Thursday, April 17, 2014

Hearthstone "Elite Skills" Update Part 2 - Mage

Image courtesy of mgbeach

Hearthstone patch, known as the "Elite Skills" Update, will be coming soon™*, and here's our exclusive previews for the mage!

New Emotes!

By popular demand, Hearthstone will be offering additional cosmetic upgrades, available for a small fee. The first upgrade to roll out is a special emote for each class. To coincide with the "Elite Skills" Update, the first set of emotes available will be "Leet". 

Upon selecting this emote in-game, players will be treated to a popular leetspeak meme or ascii art image as shown below.

(Totally not Photoshopped) test image.

 At this point you may be wondering, "Why would I purchase a new emote when my opponent can just 'squelch' it away?" That's a valid concern, but fear not - Blizzard has come to the rescue once again! For yet another nominal fee, you can obtain the "Commanding Presence" buff which allows your emotes to override opposing squelches (for a short time). Show everyone who's (like a) boss with your "Leet" emote plus "Commanding Presence" buff combo for ultimate pwnage!

Mage Got Skills, Yo!

In accordance with increasing the use of skill within Hearthstone, several mage cards have been retooled. Also, many of the mage's cards have been given the "Topdeck" ability to make them more consistent.

New Cards!

The goodness doesn't end there - the "Elite Skills" Update includes new cards for each class as well! Check out this stunning new secret:
The design team said this wasn't a very good secret,
but were soon reminded that Explosive Trap exists.

Hope you enjoyed part 2 of the upcoming* "Elite Skills" preview! Next time, we're going deep through the bush to see what lurks in the Hunter's arsenal. I'm sure it won't be undercosted or overpowered in any way!

*Never. This is a parody meant for fun and is in no way real. Shame on you for even thinking that it was, because it's totally not, I swear. Card art and design courtesy of Blizzard, with special thanks to Tural's Hearthstone Card Generator for making this much easier!

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