Tuesday, August 25, 2015

Hearthstone: Opening 40 Packs of The Grand Tournament

I open 40 packs from the newest Hearthstone expansion, discussing the cards as I go.

I have mixed feelings on the set as a whole. On one hand, many of the cards are way more balanced than Goblins v. Gnomes (which is good). Unfortunately, this also means that constructed play probably won't see a lot of change in the long run. 

There was an outcry over power creep when Ice Rager and Evil Heckler were shown, but it seems like everyone forgets just how much better Piloted Shredder is than pretty much every other card for its cost. The problem isn't with the new cards - it's with the OP cards released in Naxx and GvG. I think a lot of players are ultimately going to be unimpressed with TGT because of that, which is a shame because the set feels well designed and is full of cards that beg you to try new deck ideas.

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