Friday, November 13, 2015

The Friday FREE GAME Feature! Ep42: WizardWizard

Double-jumping, key-grabbing platforming action!

WizardWizard is a short but challenging platformer with a charming retro look. You play as a wizard whose only real powers are the ability to double jump and respawn a lot. You're on a mission to save a princess from a big bad with lots of obstacles in the way.

I keymapped a controller (as the game natively uses the keyboard) and it was very responsive. I've said it before - a platformer must have tight controls - and that's certainly the case here. My deaths were my fault, not the game's, which is good.

Aesthetically speaking, the title has a retro charm with several small modern effects (like the glowing moon and torches) which I really enjoyed. The game's premise is a handful of well-worn tropes, but that doesn't really affect the gameplay.

I suppose my only real complaint might be how short the game was. 25 levels went by relatively quickly, even with all my blunders. That's more of a compliment though as the game was enjoyable enough that I would've gladly played on!

So there you go, WizardWizard was a bite-size bit of afternoon platforming fun!

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