Friday, November 20, 2015

The Friday FREE GAME Feature! Ep43: Shattered Hourglass

Play as a time mage that's being hunted down!

Shattered Hourglass is a classically-styled RPG with some modern additions to character development. You play as Duran, the last time mage, who is currently being stalked by a mysterious enemy known as Mage Slayer.

The game features many of the things you'd expect to see in oldschool RPGs - stats, levels and experience, skills, equipment and the ability to add NPCs to your party. In addition, there's more character progression via jobs (which seem like multi or prestige classes) as well as a karma system. These features come standard in most games of the genre today, and are a welcome addition here!

The gameplay is very oldschool: turn-based combat staring at an enemy screen (think classic Phantasy Star or Dragon Warrior), navigating through 2D mazes and random encounters. This can be a turn off for those with little time or patience, and overall slows down the pace. As much as I liked classic RPGs back when they were new, even I feel they're kind of slow looking at them now. I'm not saying they're a waste of time, but you definitely need to free up your schedule a bit if you want to make real progress. That said, this title allows you to save at pretty much any location - another handy feature sorely missing from games of the past.

It's also worth noting that this title doesn't mind poking fun at itself or others. You're given an option right away to play in either 'Vanilla' or 'Silly' mode, the latter of which adds a good deal of comedy and content to your game experience.

In the mood for classic role-playing with a generous amount of humor? Then check out Shattered Hourglass!

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