Saturday, December 12, 2015

Trolled by Hearthstone - Rogue Challenge

I should really record more of my Hearthstone experiences. I'm basically a human highlight reel... for Trolden, of course.

I started working on the final League of Explorers wing the other day. Overall, I'm really happy with this adventure - the bosses (particularly the Rafaam fights) are interesting and actually feel like boss fights. Many of the cards added by the adventure have influenced the meta significantly, making it more diverse than ever.

Still, my RNG being what it is, things happen that just want to make you scream. Here's a screenshot of my first attempt at the Rogue Challenge, right before I hit 'Concede'.

Turn 1 Varian Wrynn into The Beast and Emperor Cobra with a Webspinner played for extra insult? Really?!? Sometimes I hate you, game!

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