Tuesday, May 24, 2016

NEW TIME! The Friday FREE GAME Feature!

"The Friday FREE GAME Feature!" moves to a new time!

I'm rolling out some changes to my Youtube and Twitch channels which I believe will improve both. The livestream time is being set in the evening at 6:45pm ET to accommodate viewers. Instead of uploading the entire broadcast to Youtube, I'm switching to a highlight reel format. My blog will still contain detailed thoughts and opinions on the game for each episode, along with the highlight video.

I feel these changes make the content more tailored to the format and audience. If you want to participate or just hang out and watch the full broadcast, come watch the stream live on Twitch. You can check out the highlights on Youtube for a brief and to-the-point look at the game. If you want more detailed information, the blog post is for you!

The start time for the livestream is subject to change while I figure out the best time for my viewers. Hopefully it won't take long to settle on a start time, as I have ideas for new content on both channels that I'd like to get going afterwards.

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