Thursday, June 1, 2017

MMOMG June - Nope, Wheelhaus!

I'm doing something different this month. Instead of playing an MMO for most of June, I'll be playing games from my Steam library at random. I have several reasons for doing this, but first let me assure everyone that MMOMG will be back in July!

So, here's how this "random game thing" is going work. I'll be spinning to play a random title from my Steam library using The Wheelhaus on stream. Generally speaking, I download the game and begin playing ASAP. While the game is downloading, I'll probably be playing an all-random Hearthstone deck for fun or something. I'll continue playing the game as long as it's interesting, fun, entertaining, etc. for viewers. If people aren't having fun, we switch it up and spin again!

I'm going to reserve the right to spin again or substitute a game under the following circumstances:
  1. The game will not capture through OBS or is too taxing for my PC to also stream it, so cannot be streamed. (Re-spin)
  2. The game is not allowed to be played on stream for some reason. I don't think I have anything like that, but just to be safe! (Re-spin)
  3. I've already played that game before and really don't want to play more of it. (Re-spin)
  4. If it's a sequel to another game, I can opt to play one of the earlier titles in the series. (Substitute)
  5. The game is an MMO, as the point is to play something different! (Re-spin)
  6. The game is very long and will take most or all of the month to play. (Re-spin)
Like I said, I have a few reasons for changing things up this month. I know that a lot of my recent YouTube followers joined specifically for MMO content and may be disappointed this month. I'm taking a bit of a risk in doing this, but I feel it's worth it.

First of all, I'd like to build my streaming audience and I want to see if playing a variety of titles will help accomplish that (as opposed to basically the same thing for the majority of a month).

Second, I want to avoid directly comparing the current game to last month's title. That's hard to do when you go from one right into the other, sometimes even midweek. I feel I can be more objective about an MMO if I have some "cooldown" between titles.

Third, making the weekly recap videos for MMOMG is a little more hectic than I expected. I like the format and don't want to give it up, but I don't think I can sustain it month-after-month indefinitely right now. If I don't take a break from it, I'm going to burn out entirely... and I don't want that!

The overall idea (if it works) is that MMOMG will be every other month, with other content in the months between. This month I want to try a variety of games, but I imagine it's possible that on another month I play Gothic or Skyrim exclusively, for example. Another possibility is to revisit an MMO that I enjoyed, but the MMOMG recap format for YouTube is dropped for something more akin to a "Lets Play" that month. I'm getting ahead of myself, though - let's just see how this goes first.

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