Thursday, June 8, 2017

The Secret of Tremendous Corporation - The Friday FREE GAME Feature!

The Secret of Tremendous Corporation is an amusing point-and-click adventure with hand-drawn art. It's your first day as an intern at the company, and things take a strange turn as all the programmers and testers get kidnapped. You get wrapped up in an unusual tale of lies, spies, rebels and the Secret of the gaming industry!

This game is overall well written, with a bit of comedic dialogue, subtle parody and geek culture references found throughout. The sketchpad art style may seem sparse, but it gets the job done well enough. It's important to note that the game was originally part of a game jam competition and had to be completed in a short time.

This might also explain some of the issues several players (including myself) seem to have during gameplay. As games of this genre tend to go, The Secret has its share of vague clues and not-so-intuitive puzzles. When stuck, the "try everything on everything" method eventually works... most of the time.

While the majority of players stuck are usually missing one small detail or item combination, there are a few that legitimately seem to have broken their game. The Steam discussions as well as a few YouTube videos indicate that sometimes trying things in the wrong order may screw up your game. As this title continually autosaves, you don't have the luxury of reverting to before you unknowingly botched everything up. This leaves players feeling like they just wasted their time, which is certainly not the impression a game ever wants to give off. Considering the title is actually quite short (depending on how fast you solve the puzzles), I'm not sure whether it would be easier fixing the bugs or implementing some manual save slots.

If you really enjoy point-and-click adventures with a sense of humor (and are willing to put up with the possibility of having to start over), you might like The Secret of Tremendous Corporation.

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