Thursday, August 3, 2017

Batman - The Telltale Series: Ep 1 - The Friday FREE GAME Feature!

Fight, investigate and experience Gotham City as the Dark Knight!

Batman - The Telltale Series is an adventure game set in Gotham City. Harvey Dent is running for mayor, and as Bruce Wayne, you're trying to help him get elected. To ensure his success, Harvey's been keeping less-than-reputable company, including Catwoman and mob boss Falcone. An anonymous tip to the media brings the Wayne family's reputation under fire, so Bruce dons the batsuit and goes looking for answers.

The plot and character dialogue are excellent, which is no surprise considering it's from Telltale. I was drawn in to the story much more than I had been for both Minecraft: Story Mode and The Walking Dead. I consider myself a bigger fan of those properties than Batman, so I'd have to say the writing for this one is top-notch.

The investigation portion of the game was a welcome addition. Not only do you look for clues, but linking them together reconstructs the series of events at the crime scene. Detective investigation is probably the largest part of Batman's skill set to be marginalized (or completely ignored) as a playable aspect in video games, so it was nice to see here.

While vital to any Batman title, the combat in this game felt clunky, particularly in the opening encounter with Catwoman. There were perhaps too many QTE (quick time event) button prompts there, slowing what basically should've been a martial arts fight scene into something more resembling a battle from 300. The latter fight with Falcone and his henchmen felt a bit smoother, and I really think it's a case of "less is more" when it comes to QTE combat.

Combat gripes aside, Batman - The Telltale Series provides a well-paced experience with a mix of action, investigation and dialogue.

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