Thursday, August 24, 2017

Wild Heart - The Friday FREE GAME Feature!

Turn-based tactical animals!

Wild Heart is a tactical RPG with a unique story. You play as a fox that gets caught in the middle of a war between two packs of wolves.

The majority of the game takes place within a forest, where you explore various paths as a fox. Along the way, you'll encounter other animals - some of which will join your party. Danger also lurks in the woods, and encountering foes takes you to the team select screen to prepare for battle! Combat is executed in a turn-based tactics style, with each animal having a special ability in addition to the normal options of moving and attacking. The hex-grid battle map allows for some strategic options, including damage bonuses for flanking enemies.

Both the exploration and battle portions of the game are good. There's plenty of branching paths full of danger and opportunity, and the combat system is simple to understand but provides enough options to stay interesting. The story is a bit simplistic (at least in the first 2 chapters), but you will find a few surprises too. Graphically, the game has a stylistic look - the animals look a bit rough or low-poly, but fit the world which sometimes even features hexagon-tiled terrain (that reminded me a bit of the old HeroScape board game).

Unfortunately, Wild Heart currently suffers from some major technical issues. Actually getting into the game from the level splash screens is impossible (for me, at least) as nothing would interact. I was able to restart the game and play via "Load Game" which apparently auto-saved the initial creation of a new game. Somewhere into level two, my save file became glitched or corrupted and the game thought I had no party members (including the Fox)! This led to combats being skipped entirely. Upon finishing level two, restarting the game to try loading from a save became impossible. In fact, both "New Game" and "Load Game" from the main menu were no longer responding, rendering the game literally unplayable. Reinstalling the game didn't even fix it.

I've left a post on the game's page in hopes the developer will find a solution to this. Wild Heart is a game I really want to finish and recommend, but can't in its current state.

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