Wednesday, November 23, 2011

DCUO Endgame Content

Hey there, just wanted to check in with everyone and say that DCUO is for the most part running smoothly now. One thing that really impresses me about this game is the accessibility of endgame content.

During my stint as a WoW player, I could never find the right guild and thus pretty much was excluded from seeing most raids and of course epic gear. I know that has changed somewhat with their new matchmaking system, but when I played I was pretty much on the outside looking in.

It's a little different in DCUO though. Yes, I'm in an active guild (league) who runs stuff together, but the amount of things you can do for progression after the level cap is pretty good. For one, the dailies aren't as mindless and frustrating as WoW's. They are repetitive of course, but it's the nature of the beast.

In addition, you have access to running duos (a 2-player instance) which you can queue up for and be matched randomly or bring a friend of your choice. These are always a challenge and good fun. Then come alerts which are 4-player instances and finally raids which are for 8 players. The matchmaking system for alerts seems well done, as I've yet to join a group that doesn't consist of the proper formula (1 each of controller, tank, healer and dps). On top of all this is the daily bonuses for each of these things, which means more marks to earn your endgame tier gear.

In all, endgame just feels more accessible in DCUO than in some other mmos. Recently, a Combat Rating (gearscore) stat has been added to the game. WHile there have been a few complaints, I think in all this seems like a good thing and helps keep progression on the right track.

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