Wednesday, November 2, 2011

DCUO F2P Transition NOT Going Smoothly!

Sony Online Entertainment (SOE) pushed back their free to play release of DC Universe Online (DCUO) from the 17th to the 19th of October, then again to November 1st. Their reason for this was to make the change to free to play smoother.

Yeah, well that's going over like a lead balloon.

Downtime for November 1st was 16+ hours long, and most people didn't get to actually begin even downloading the game until November 2nd. Now the USPC server is crashing wildly. Funny - it's called a "megaserver" which was supposedly able to handle the influx of new players... right, whatever. In addition, players frantically trying to login are being hit with a 1500+ waiting line que. What's even worse? Paying customers aren't getting login priority. Yup, paying for the game but you're stuck behind 1100 or so non-paying players to get in.

Good job, SOE. I see that free to play transition pushback really made things smooth. I was thinking about canceling Champions Online for a month and give DCUO another chance, but now I'm seriously reconsidering.

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