Wednesday, November 2, 2011

DCUO Holds Quest Rewards For Ransom!

Wow, yet another glaring mistake made by SOE on their new free to play conversion of DC Universe Online.

When you complete quests (missions) in the game, you often get mail sent to you from the contact instead of having to visit the contact for your reward. Often this mail has rewards attached to help your character out. Apparently free to play accounts are restricted from not only sending items via the mail but accepting them as well, including quest rewards.

In essence, SOE is telling their free players to cough up real money or get no quest rewards. This is not an incentive to purchase premium membership, SOE, but quite the opposite. You'll be driving players off by the droves with a move like this. Hell, even Allods Online allows you to access your mail freely and their reputation went down the tubes like two years ago.

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