Thursday, June 27, 2013

Race Track Map - Stands and VIP Box

Work on the race track map continues. Here's some shots of the VIP box, situated just a stone's throw away from the finish line.

The first picture shows off the fully-stocked automatic refrigerators (droppers with pressure plates) with all the foods vanilla Minecraft has to offer.

The second image here gives you a look at the seating, plush carpeting, wall decor and trim. Invite your top ten friends/admins to kick back and enjoy the race! Pretty posh, huh?

Here's a look at a sampling of what the typical spectator stands will look like. The pic to the left are the stands proper, facing the track, while the last image is an early look at the entry to the stands. Things have already changed somewhat from these pictures, but this is the basic idea.

I'm still trying to determine how large I want each section (designated by colored wool), but when I'm done it should be enough seating for even the largest server community.

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