Friday, June 14, 2013

RIFT Free-To-Play and a Much Needed Update

In case you haven't heard, RIFT has joined the Free-To-Play circus. I tried this game in beta and enjoyed it, though was admittedly confused by their class/talent system. That was a long time ago, though, and things have probably changed some.
Here's a link for more information and how to get started:

As for this blog, you can see I've been pretty lazy in posting. When you're not playing MMOs, it's hard to blog about them. Due to my aging computer, it's getting tougher to try out new games that it can actually support. While in a WoW guild last year, I was properly introduced to Minecraft and have never looked back. There's a lot to say about a game that can be almost infinitely modified and only requires a one-time purchase for full access.

So for now, this blog will cover what I AM playing, which is Minecraft. Thankfully, I'm working on a project for the game right now which I will be posting about very soon! HINT: It has to do with the new mobs coming in the 1.6 Update.

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