Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Vanity Blocks: The Coolest Mod You're Not Using!

 Mod author AnarchySage has a neat mod called Vanity Blocks that currently adds some nice new blocks to your game. What kind, you ask? For starters, there's white and black marble, which you can craft into variant blocks, slabs and walls for aesthetics.

Then there's the storage blocks and items - almost every common item in the game (and a few uncommon ones) now can be made into blocks to store more stuff. What's more, some of the blocks have special features - Blaze Rod blocks emit light and can be used as a fuel source, and Slime Ball blocks give a bounce effect when entities land on them. Pretty cool stuff!

There's some other neat things as well - the lavalamp is basically a glowstone block variant for those not ready to dare the Nether, and the melting core is a trash disposal for anyone using mods that add tubes or pipe systems.

Also, the mod adds stuff for people using a few other choice mods (like Forestry), so it's a great addition if you have those mods already.

But here comes the exciting bit... AnarchySage is working on some new types of blocks for future updates that sound very nice. How about a trapdoor block that can mimic the look of the block it's attached to (including blocks from other mods)? Perhaps you'd like Redstone lamps in a variety of colors? Or maybe hanging curtains that can look like any type of material? Yeah, he's working on all that stuff right now, and they look fantastic! Go see for yourself!

I noticed that this mod hasn't gotten a lot of traffic yet, and really deserves to be noticed. It works in SSP and SMP for versions 1.5.2 and 1.6.2, so go check it out!

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