Monday, September 9, 2013

Why Not EverQuest?

I gave EverQuest 2 a try when the "Extended" campaign was launched a few years back. It seemed like a decent game, but I lost interest fast because of the excessive limitations on free players. I didn't feel like I was even seeing a real representation of the game, as free players were on a separate server then.

At some point last year, SOE dropped the Extended thing and converted both EverQuest and EverQuest 2 to free-to-play games.

Doing a bit of research, it seems that free players have access to a lot more options than before, allowing you to see far more of the game's content and features before ponying up the dough. That said, the common consensus seems to be that once you reach the higher levels of play, subscribing is probably the best route.

While some will complain that the entire game isn't free, I consider this at least agreeable. If you want to remain a totally free player, you're going to be gimped at the high-end content. But really, if you've enjoyed the game long enough to get to this point, perhaps you should consider just subscribing.

Anyway, I've gotten the itch to play MMOs again and WoW isn't appealing to me right now. The game has gotten way too easy, and I feel I could easily see everything I wanted from the past year by subbing for 1-2 months. Being that I'm not interested in Pandaria, the only thing of any interest to me WoW-wise is the Siege of Orgrimmar, and I have plenty of time if I really wanted to play that. Honestly, I'm more interested in the events that take place after the siege - who will be the Horde warchief, what's the next threat, etc.

So, for now I thought I'd give EQ1 and 2 a spin. The novelty alone is worth it to me - EverQuest is going on 15 years now with around 20 expansions, and I've never actually played it before.

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