Friday, August 30, 2013

MC 1.7 aka the "Crying and Gnashing of Teeth" Update

Back when Dinnerbone tweeted that terrain generation would be getting a huge overhaul in Minecraft 1.7, I knew that would spell trouble for modders. The majority of responses to my statement were along the lines of "Nah, 1.7 will be an easy update after 1.6 was so difficult." I admire the optimism in those responses, but I'm sorry to say they are looking more incorrect.

Grum just tweeted the following:
"I think I just did the biggest refactor in Minecraft history, 222 commits, 379 files changed, 25023 lines of diffs. Breaks all the things!"
 I don't want to imagine what the Minecraft Forums are going to look like once this update hits. There's still a ton of mods not even updated to 1.6 yet because of the changes, and the forums are filled with users asking/demanding updates for them.

A recent post I read mentioned the possibility that Mojang might be attempting to ditch their modding community. Considering the Mod API (announced way back once the game left beta) is still in development limbo, and the stress put on mod authors due to the drastic changes of recent and upcoming updates, it's not a stretch to think that may be the case. Combine with that the recent addition of Minecraft Realms (which doesn't allow for mods), and it really makes you start to wonder.

In any event, look for 1.7's release to cause a lot of grief. I may be sitting with a 1.5.2 setup much longer than I expected.

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