Saturday, August 3, 2013

I Hate Do Overs!

Minecraft is such a fun and interesting game... once you get things setup properly, that is. Granted, that's not too tough unless you decide to add mods, and the more mods you have mixed together, the greater the chances of having conflicts.

My most recent 1.5.2 setup involved Biomes O' Plenty, which I decided to try instead of my usual biome-adding choice of ExtrabiomesXL. BOP had made some changes, allowing for better integration with structure-adding mods (the lack of which was my main reason for not using it prior), so I felt it was the perfect time to give it a spin.

Over the last couple of weeks, my mod list has changed slightly, 2 or 3 mods removed and about the same number added. Unfortunately, the mods I've added deal with dimension hopping, namely Mystcraft and Dimensional Doors. This is unfortunate because I've come to realize that ExtrabiomesXL is far more compatible with those mods than Biomes O' Plenty is.

Also, after some public bickering between BOP devs in the forums (which was disconcerting to say the least), a 1.5.2 backport for the current version was released several hours ago. It was toted as having fixed some bugs and added sub-biomes (which are used to make the terrain much more congruent), so I jumped at the chance to install it.

I was rewarded with a game that wouldn't even load up due to block ID conflicts. Now, I know how to fix those - you go into the conflicting mods' config files and make sure the numbers are different - but I already did that... with the last version! Looking into the config folder, I was unhappily surprised to see that a whole folder was now created for BOP, with a brand new config that apparently didn't seem to care what I had done previously. In addition, it's sub-biomes thought it would go ahead and use the same ID numbers as Twilight Forest's biomes. Again, in the previous config I had to change settings as BOP was pissing all over TF then - apparently, it needed to go again using it's new sub-biomes. Whatever, numbers fixed, moving on.

Game loads and I get an in-game message saying that the new biomes will only generate if I use the Biomes O' Plenty world type. Well isn't that special? If I did that, then my structure-gen mods wouldn't work! So, basically I was thrown load errors due to the new features that once fixed I cannot use.

I returned to the forums, hoping for a shred of good news, and found that the new, NEW version is now out for 1.6.2. The "fixes" in this version removes the ability to move spring water via regular buckets (you'll have to get special ore from their "Promised Land" dimension or use Buildcraft, which I have no intention of adding), blocks players from spawning in Hot Springs or Orchards (which is where I actually spawned on my current game, with somewhat hostile terrain all around me otherwise), and separates the new config file into multiple files... for "ease of use" and more planned features.

Right, then. I think at this point, the logical thing to do is jump ship back to EBXL. Not only will I have to start a new game, I'll also have to rework configs (including a rather exhaustive set of JAS spawn lists). In the long run it will be worth it. My alternative is less compatibility, and attempting to survive amidst the beasts that lurk in the neighboring biomes (ice plains, 2 fungus forests, quagmire, and wetlands - aka LOTS of crocs, naga and witches, or yetis and vampire lords, or gigantic mutants). I have yetis ambushing me at my front door and centaurs trampling my crops as it is. I feel like Lord Farquad is evicting me from his kingdom!

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