Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Race Track Map - 1.6 In Da House!

I figured it was about time to get working on that race track some more now that 1.6.2 is in full swing. Forge and Optifine both look stable, and considering other mods aren't a necessity, I should have no trouble.

As you might know, I'm a huge fan of MultiMC, which currently doesn't work with 1.6. I was worried that if I upgraded to the new launcher for my default .minecraft folder, MultiMC would be broken. However, as long as you have some saved instances already on MultiMC and do NOT attempt to force update anything running under MultiMC, it remains untouched! Today I am having my cake and eating it too!

So, what have I done to the race track map, right? Nothing major yet - I had to make some minor redstone fixes, as something was apparently changed ever so slightly that temporarily borked the slot machine. It's fixed now - I just had to shuffle around some blocks and redstone dust to get it back on track.

Anyway, on to the screenshots! I added some hay bales along the gravel path leading to the pond. I purposely placed the bales in different directions so the red bands didn't look like one big stripe, but I'm not sure I like them as they are either.

The mall got some new flooring, thanks to the spiffy new stained clay blocks. These are yellow stained - not to be confused with painted (which isn't a thing in vanilla Minecraft) - thus yellow stain comes out more of a marigold color.

Overall, I'm happy with the stained clay blocks, except for the black one. It's a dark brown color, and I was dearly hoping for an "almost black" to replace the wool in the diner. The new coal blocks have a rough texture to them, making them look like obsidian's kid brother. Is it so much to ask for a black, barely-patterned vanilla block?

On the subject of new blocks, here's a look at a stable stall now with hay bales and black carpeting (it's supposed to resemble a rubber mat to alleviate the horses from walking/sleeping on stone, use your imagination). I did try some different clay blocks instead of carpet floors, but the carpet is slightly raised (like a layer of snow) and looks neat so I went with that.

Finally, the mall is truly finished (at least on the inside, I may decorate the outside some) as I was able to add the remaining items to the shops. Horse armor, name tags, leads, and horse spawn eggs are all available, for a price!

The new lapis block texture is also pretty nice. It has edging now, similar to gold and diamond blocks. I rather liked the unedged version as it had a more seamless look when placed next to each other, even if the pattern itself wasn't the greatest. I may redo the ticket booth (again) with clay blocks, maybe.

I really need to get the hotel and job areas started before worrying about the look of the ticket booth. The Twilight Forest (in my 1.5.2 SSP) beckons me to go adventuring though, so I'll have to learn to do a bit of both if I want to progress in either setting!

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