Saturday, July 6, 2013

Race Track Map - Dice Game, Redstone Fixes, Mall Plans

The map is shaping up nicely! I'll start off with a minor cosmetic change I made to the big signs. I figured since some of the games are available to anyone and others are VIP-only, I'd color code the signs. It also breaks up all the gold blocks with some pretty emeralds!

Here's a look at the outside of the dice game. It began as just smooth sandstone, which is clean but not visually exciting. After some thought, I decided on making big dice on the side of the building - it's just quartz blocks with item frames for the pips - but it works!

This is the current inside room of the dice game. Behind me are some paintings on the bare walls, but otherwise the room looks really bland. I'm still deciding on how to spruce it up - feel free to leave some suggestions in the comments!

Today I noticed some unusual results from the lottery that continually runs every 5 minutes. It was spitting out several numbers at a time, but the way it's setup only the first number would actually "count" for betting (thankfully). Still, this was really annoying so I went down and looked at the redstone again. For starters, I was missing a critical torch that differentiated a '5' from a '7', so I fixed that... still, the game would spit out a few numbers in rapid succession. Looking online, I found that the RNG I was using was outdated and sort of broken in 1.5 and needed a new one. I switched over to the one from HiFolksImAdam on YouTube and it worked! No more glitches, yay!

Tomorrow I plan on breaking ground for the shopping area. I'm thinking of decking it out like a mall or something. I want it to look good, you know? I have the design I'll be using for the actual purchase points, and they're compact so I have more room for aesthetics. We'll see how it goes! For now, take a look at some of the items and services that will be available!

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