Sunday, July 7, 2013

Race Track Map - Item Shops With Alternate Prices

I've been busy adding even more to the map, in the form of vending machines! I was just about to start work on my mall with restaurant when I decided there should be more by the spectator stands. I figured it would make sense to have vending machines nearby so players can have something to eat while enjoying the races.

There's 3 machines here with 7 different food options total.

This contraption here is the vending system for the restaurant, located underneath the order and dining area. The reason I wanted to show this off is because it's a 2:1 ratio item shop that is only 1 square wide and tileable! It uses command blocks to give players the items purchased, otherwise it would be an even more complex machine.

It's a modified version of the 1:1 tileable item shop from Minecraftwithdummies, which I posted previously and have used for the majority of my payment systems. If you look closely, you do have to alternate between 2 different patterns to keep the redstone from cross-talking, which would ruin the entire system. I'm really thinking of doing a youtube video (probably as a response to the original build video) to show off how I modified it to accept higher amounts of currency correctly.

I also spent a good deal of time building the visible portion of the restaurant, but wanted to get everything finished before showing it off. From there, I have a few more shops to build and then aesthetics to make the mall look nice.

I'm also considering 2 new features to the map, both of which would be very nice. First off, when a new player joins the map, they are given some starting money. However, it is possible for a player to go broke pretty quickly with bad luck. I definitely don't want everyone to become beggars, so one idea I had was to actually add in jobs. I'm thinking that around the map I could have job areas (tree farm/orchard, fishing pond, wheat farm). Players could choose to work in the job areas then pass through a room that takes their items harvested and gives back money. This would give someone who is truly broke a way to earn something and get back to living the high life at the track!

The other idea I have in mind is a transportation system via rails. Considering most of the below ground area is hidden redstone, I can't make a subway. I could either put the rail system on the outer edges or elevate it (which I think would be cooler). Of course, it would cost players to use the rail system, but it's a convenience rather than a necessity. I just realized the map is getting quite large and could use some faster travel than beating feet.

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